To help us better understand the site conditions and requirements of your project, please complete the   

      following steps:


  • Determine if you have a masonry or manufactured firebox, then click-on the appropriate picture below and download a measurement form. Complete the form and include details of any site conditions that may change (addition of a TV, relocation of a window, new flooring, etc.)  


  • Take two or three photos of your fireplace and include an environmental photo of the entire fireplace wall. 


  • Email these materials and photos of fireplace installations that illustrate your preferred style to:  Be sure to include your phone number. After reviewing these materials, a fireplace design specialist will call you to discuss your project.


Masonry fireplaces are usually found in homes built before the 1980's. The interior of the fireplace is constructed of brick and the outer portion is typically built with brick or stone.


Manufactured fireplaces became popular during the 1980's and are made of sheet metal with cast cement interior panels, which are designed to mimic stacked bricks.