Why a fireplace designer?

All too often I see homes with quality quartz countertops, tasteful custom wood cabinets, natural stone flooring, stainless steel appliances -- and a fireplace that has been clad with tiles left over from the bathroom project! Yes, often fireplaces get the "leftover" treatment. Whether it's for expedience, to save a little money, or to eliminate one of too many decisions required during a remodeling project, many well intended efforts result in this very important feature of the home looking like an afterthought.

La Jolla Before

Fireplace remodeling usually starts on the cusp of another project, such as replacing the flooring, remodeling the kitchen or wall mounting the TV, but it is important to the home in both appearance, function, and requires specialized knowledge during the design stage. We are finding that more and more these days’ homeowners want to get creative with the overall fireplace design. Function, safety and longevity - these are just some of the reasons why the help of a fireplace design specialist will be valuable to you. With their training, expertise and experience they will help you avoid costly and aggravating mistakes. For instance, did you know fireplaces require clearances to combustibles, such as wood flooring and wood mantels? Or that most fireplace manufactures recommend keeping the TV a certain distance away from the opening to avoid damage over time? Or that some materials can bleach and crack if they get too hot?

Hiring a fireplace designer will not only help with a fresh, creative design; it will also ensure a safe fireplace that will provide many years of trouble free enjoyment. More of a DIY person? Schedule a consultation or visit a showroom for ideas before beginning any work, as a specialist's input may save you time, money and future frustration.

La Jolla After - PentaPrism Photography

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