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These days many of our fireplace remodeling projects will incorporate a wall-mounted TV above or next to the fireplace. An asymmetrical layout can work if you have adequate wall space without restrictions (such as windows). However, when it comes to mounting the TV above the mantel, many clients are concerned about having the TV too high on the wall. There is merit to their worries. If the seating area and the TV are too close, or the TV is too high on the wall, everytime you're watching it will feel like you have arrived late to the movies.

Asymmetrical Media/Fireplace Wall

Hog's Hollow Home - SCE Construction Management, INC.

Photographer - James Tse Photography

While the direct vent, linear fireplace is the new trend in modern and contemporary fireplace design, these units can require extra precautions with TV installations, as they are highly efficient sources for heat. Keeping within the manufacture's recommendation for a safe distance between the opening and TV, as well as recessing the TV into a niche or adding a barrier such as a floating shelf, will keep the equipment safe. Keep in mind that all fireboxes have a clearance to combustibles that must be maintained for safety purposes. The wood shelf or mantel you want to use could require raising your TV to a less than ideal height.

Linear Fireplace w/mounted TV

Designer: Fireside Design Center

Photographer: Lucy Ortiz @PentaPrism Photography

Here are some factors to keep in mind for TV mounting and fireplaces:

  1. What is the ceiling height?

  2. What size TV is preferred?

  3. Will you be using a sound bar?

  4. What kind of mantel material will you be using?

  5. Are all required clearances stated in the manufacturer's manual met?

  6. How much projection will the mount and TV create from the wall?

  7. Where will you store the media components?

A product that we carry and has helped our clients with the height issue is the super adjustable television-mounting bracket, Mantel Mount. With this equipment, you won't need to compromise your mantel and TV height. The mount can lower your TV up to 24" and swivel to the right and left. One of my favorite parts is the paintable cover that hides the hardware. You just paint to match your wall color and slide over the mount for a seamless, clean look behind the TV.

Mantel Mount

Remember, there is great value in consulting with a fireplace design specialist before purchasing products and materials, or starting any phase of construction. The focal point should be designed and installed with your preferences taken into consideration in order to ensure a pleasing final product.

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