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We bring our showroom to you - online and into your home. Send photos of your fireplace and a floor-to-ceiling photo of the fireplace wall along with dimensions and project details. Include photos of fireplace installations that are similar to the style that you envision. After reviewing these materials a fireplace design specialist will call with design option ideas and costs estimates.

Please send this and all inquiries to:

Our Intention, Our Promise

A well designed and beautifully appointed fireplace enhances one's quality of life. It provides an inviting, warm and comfortable setting for family and friends to gather for conversation and interaction. At other times it serves as a place of serenity, where one can relax, reflect and recharge. 


It is our sincere intention that in addition to creating fireplace environments that provide these qualities, that every project is designed to the best of our abilities and constructed to the highest standards, and that our efforts are always pointed toward the homeowner's sustained satisfaction, providing year after year of enjoyment - adding a true enhancement to their lives. 


Everyone who has visited my house has admired my new fireplace -- designed by Chuck, color-coordinated by Jodie, and installed by Rene. Having a new fireplace changes the whole look of my living room and makes it feel so bright, spacious, and modern. 



Linda S.- North Park, CA

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